Pre Kindergarten at Kindercourt

Kindercourt offers two Pre Kindergarten classes. Each class has 2 teachers, and the groups are divided by age. Both classes offer the same basic curriculum. Our goal at Kindercourt is to offer stimulating and challenging activities in a fun and playful environment. We also want to provide a warm, safe environment for each child to grow and mature in. We hope that as your child grows, he/she will build a strong, positive self-image, and that he/she will master the readiness skills needed for Kindergarten. We hope to offer many opportunities for play and exploration because we know that this is how children learn best.

Our program will include, but not be limited to, the following areas:

Circle Time: Music, movement, calendar, weather, literature, class sharing, games, group talks, birthday celebrations, and learning to sit quietly in a group setting.

Socialization/Free Play: Manipulatives, dramatic play, cutting, free drawing, free choice of activities and toys. This type of play and interaction offers a good opportunity for socialization and sharing with others.

Creative Expression/Art: Cutting, gluing, painting, collage, drawing, playdough, seasonal and holiday art projects, structured as well as free art projects.

Class time/Cognitive Development:

*Alphabet - recognize A-Z upper and lower case, letter sounds

*Numbers - counting, recognition, one to one correspondence

*Shapes - recognize and identify

*Colors - recognize and identify

*Rhyming - learn concept of rhyming

*Patterning - following and copying simple patterns

*Sequencing - what happened first, second, third

*Spatial Concepts - up and down, near and far, etc.

*Opposites - hot and cold, large and small, etc.

*Seasonal Concepts and Themes


*Simple Problem Solving

*Visual Discrimination - being able to recognize visual difference

*Printing & Recognizing First Names

*Cooking - simple hands on cooking projects

*Science - basic hands on experience

*Computers - using computers to reinforce numbers, shapes, & letters

*Practical Skills - practice pouring, wiping, sifting, etc.

*Guest Speakers are typically held once a month and coordinated with monthly themes


Welcome to Pre Kindergarten

The Koala and Kangaroo Classes

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Kangaroo calendar