Kindercourt Duckies

Our Ducky and Teddy Bear classes offer a warm, safe, loving environment in which your 2 and 3 year old child is able to grow and mature. We offer many opportunities for play, exploration, and discovery. We understand that this is the best way for children to learn. Our program includes 5 areas for learning:

1) Circle Time:

Calendar, weather, stories, sharing time, group games, birthday & holiday celebrations

2) Music and Movement:

Songs, dancing, exercise, listening games, marching bands, sing-a-longs, rhythm games

3) Creative Expression/Art

Playdough, gluing, collage, easel, watercolor, brush/dot paint, seasonal & holiday art projects

4) Socialization and Free Play:

Manipulatives (blocks, duplos, puzzles, peg boards), dramatic play (dress-up, play house, animals, dolls), free play (offers a choice of activities and provides a good opportunity for socialization)

5) Curriculum

Sharing skills, listening skills, self-help skills, imagination games, shape introduction, color introduction, counting 1-5, matching, sensory activities, cooking, measuring, pouring